Chris Salinas- STAR of the Month


The STAR Center will feature young people every month from across the country who are making a difference in their communities and demonstrating extraordinary leadership that you need to know about! Help us make sure young people in your community are recognized and valued by nominating someone today!

This month the STAR Center recognizes Chris Salinas from Aberdeen, WA. Check out his story and watch his video!

I am Christopher Salinas, from Spokane Tribe of Indians. I currently reside in Aberdeen, WA. I have six (6) months of sobriety. I am currently contracted through NWITC as a Recovery Coach Support person, proving support to Coaches and to get information of barriers that Coaches may be enduring through the process of mentoring NWITC peers.  

On November 6, 2012, I was put into ICU for attempted suicide. I struggled with addiction for over 15 years, been in jail numerous times, and went from treatment to treatment center multiple times. Today, I am in recovery from addiction and a survivor of suicide .

Some of my accomplishments that I have fulfilled are: I had the honor of testifying on my own behalf in the passing of House Bill 1713 of Washington State (Integrating Mental Health and Addiction Treatment). I am a proud member of H&I (Hospital and Institutions). I am a Recovery Coach and Recovery Coach Support Person and I dedicate a lot of my time to service work.

Some of the suggestions to the younger/older generation would be: “Get involved, be a positive role model, attend clean and sober activities, and be an attraction to others for recovery.” “Learning and teaching of own culture, as well as other surrounding cultures.”

In closing I would like to leave with this message “You never have to use AGAIN!”