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Did you miss our STAR Center Equity and Inclusion in Leadership Networking Call for People of Color? Click on the link below to access the link to the recording!

Core Leadership Skills for People of Color in Behavioral Health Roles: Mentoring Young People of Color
Co-facilitators: Celia Brown, Regional Advocacy Specialist at NYS Office of Mental Health and Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director

Guest Discussants: Xautle Alba- Pizana, Disability Community Project Organizer in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Juan Velez Court, Peer Coordinator in San Juan, Puerto Rico

What are the challenges that young people of color face when taking leadership roles in mental health?

How can mentoring support young people to overcome these issues? 

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head shots of the round table facilitators

Did you miss our Executive Directors' Roundtable?  Click on the title below to access the link to the recording!

Core Leadership Skills: Pursuing New Financing Opportunities: Executive Directors’ Roundtable for Peer, Youth and Family Run Organizations in Behavioral Health
Co-facilitators: Maria Bell-Servick, Executive Director, Louisiana Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Johanna Bergan, Executive Director, Youth Move National, Decorah, IA, Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director

Guest Discussant: Sue Bergeson, Lake, MI

There are a number of different financing opportunities and strategies used in today’s behavioral healthcare environment that youth-, peer- and family-run organizations need to plan for. Changes in the way federal, state and local funds for behavioral health services and supports are managed, including through managed care, can affect organizational infrastructure, contracting systems and linkage agreements with other organizations. What does this mean for youth-, peer- and family-run organizations and how are executive directors for these organizations navigating this environment?

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