Youth Leadership Spotlight- Shaiheed Days

Shaiheed Days

Alan Seid, a friend, a mentor, trainer and thought leader in the world of Non-Violent Communication, once shared with me that intergenerational and cross-cultural leadership can be put simply: “What opens doors and expands your circle of influence, and reduces misunderstandings and conflict, is the quality of the connection with those whom you know.” I think that I am very quick to share this quote with everyone I meet professionally and personally.  

 I believe that my purpose in life has a lot to do with the nature of relationship that I share with those whom I am present to, those whom have come before me, and those of whom will rock this world well after I am gone.

I am named Shaiheed Khalid Days. I am known mostly as a grandson, a brother, a friend, and a steward of civic transformation in the lives youth and young adults throughout my community.

Currently, I reside in Philadelphia, PA where I serve as the Coordinator for our local Youth MOVE Chapter and as Youth Support Coordinator for the county System of Care community. I am 28 years old. Seven years ago, I was discharged from long term foster care of 18 ½ years with one family and several siblings placed in different homes. Not every family is a home for a child or children. Not every home offers the embrace of family for our vulnerable children. Community, however, instills in the heart of all children a sense of belonging, contribution, and growth.