STAR Center In Action- April 2017

The STAR Center was in Oklahoma last month and I had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with leaders from peer and family run organizations and coalitions serving communities across Oklahoma. In collaboration with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, we convened a lively full day meeting regarding the level of influence, funding and sustainability of peer and family run organizations in Oklahoma. I had the opportunity to visit with individual leaders and organizations to get to know each other even better, consider opportunities for more specific technical assistance and for collaboration regarding the development of a formal statewide network representing people with lived experience. 

We are scheduled to return in July to continue the process and meet those who weren’t available for this round of meetings and visits.

A group picture of the StarCENTER with Peer family run organizations in Oklahoma

Pictured above are: (front row, left to right) Matthew Parker, Geri Mullendore, Pamela Toohey, Jill Amos, Donna Woods Bauer, Katherine Carson, (back row, left to right) Michael Horton, Rev. James Greenwood, Staci Willis, George Crooks, Natasha West, Jeff Tallent, Erin Bushong, Max Parker, Chacku Mathai, Heath Hayes

Virtual Training Opportunities
The STAR Center’s virtual training opportunities application period has come to a close! Peer Run Organizations from Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Texas applied and will get to participate in this exciting six-month initiative that starts in April, 2017! The Measuring What Matters Learning Collaborative for Peer Run Organizations assists their board and executive managers to work together and prepare for new behavioral health financing environments in their states. They will develop critical infrastructure elements including value propositions, define populations and their impact, create and calculate outcomes as well as begin the process of building continuous quality improvement systems. Each peer run organization will be supported to use the Measuring What Matters Toolkit developed by CCSI and the STAR Center for Peer and Family Run Organizations. The toolkit includes data collection tools and systems that peer run organizations can continue to use even after the life of the Learning Collaborative.

In yet another series that we launch in April, peer leaders from Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington and Texas applied for and will get to participate in our six month Collaborative Leadership Facilitator Skills Training Program: Working Across the Divides. Peer Leaders who are accepted into the training will learn about and create opportunities to practice the art of facilitating collaboration across very different social identities, perspectives and experiences. We will focus heavily on how intersectionality can make a difference as a core value and as a set of facilitation practices in fostering opportunities and addressing challenges to collaborative action. Each peer leader will learn specific high level facilitation skills to address the challenges of facilitating diverse groups in Group Problem Solving, Creating Inclusive and Safe Spaces, Participatory Decision Making and Consensus Building, Designing Meeting Agenda and Process, Engaging Conflict and Harnessing Group Memory. The leaders who complete this training process will be the people you want to meet and involve in your efforts to build community and work across the divides!

Where will the STAR Center be next?

picture of people walking to board a small airplane

In June we will be back in USVI and New Mexico! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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