Darrin L. Harris- STAR of the Month


Chacku on the left and Darrin on the right holding up his book

Darrin L. Harris began Ekhaya Youth Project, Inc. – a non-profit that serves and supports youth and their families. In 2014, Darrin L. Harris expanded the mental health component of the organization by providing clinical support services through the Ekhaya Fresh Start Behavioral Health Program.  Darrin has engaged thousands of youth and their families through Ekhaya Youth Project’s energetic and culturally congruent messages and supports. He has developed a leadership institute, social media platforms, music labels and is now an author, in order to continue sharing what he has learned and continues to learn. His ever present humility and passion comes through in the great interview he offered to us.

Darrin and the Ekhaya Youth Project gave the STAR Center permission to use their Frontline album song, It's Our World (feat. Ekhaya Family & Yung Honore) as the STAR Center theme song which we will use in our podcast show episodes and future videos.

Check out our podcast interview with Darrin!