Equity and Inclusion in Leadership


Please join us for the STAR Center Equity and Inclusion in Leadership Networking Call for People of Color!

Core Leadership Skills for People of Color in Behavioral Health Roles: Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
2 pm ET

Co-facilitators: Celia Brown, Regional Advocacy Specialist at NYS Office of Mental Health and Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director

Mental health care disparities, defined as unfair differences in access to or quality of care according to race and ethnicity, are quite common in mental health (IOM, 2002). Social determinants of mental health and health disparities are experienced at significantly higher rates by African-Americans when compared to other racial, ethnic, and gender groups in the United States (Mullens, Baquet 2005). Disparities in mental health, however, exhibit a decidedly different pattern from disparities in health so there is often confusion about how to address these differences and improve mental health outcomes for specific racial and ethnic groups in the United States. This networking call is an opportunity to review these differences and identify key examples of how people of color in behavioral health leadership roles can work towards eliminating such disparities.

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