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Measuring What Matters Learning Collaborative for Peer and Family Run Organizations

Call for Applications 

The Opportunity

Up to six Peer and/or Family Run Organizations will be chosen to learn and implement proven strategies for strengthening and increasing their readiness for managed care.

Organizations designated as peer or family run organizations from across the country are eligible to apply. 
Selected organizations will have the opportunity to:
  • Develop a ‘Measuring What Matters’ management team
  • Participate in 6 Virtual Learning Collaborative sessions
  • Utilize the Measuring What Matters Toolkit
  • Participate in in-depth virtual learning opportunities
  • Receive ongoing targeted coaching and technical assistance

How to Apply

We can send you the application upon request by email or you can download. Complete the application package and send it to Tanya Ryder, STAR Center Project Manager, at

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn and build upon best practices for developing a value based measurement system;
  • You will gain practical knowledge and skills related to developing a managed care ready organization;
  • You will get tips for how to strategically leverage existing and new opportunities as well as how to minimize the roadblocks to becoming managed care ready;
  • You will develop a customized, actionable roadmap to implement;
  • You will become an integral part of a national coaching cohort with access to powerful resources, tools and coaching for six months.

Expected Commitment of Selected Organizations

Selected organizations commit to take part in all the following activities:

6 scheduled Virtual Learning Collaborative Sessions: Activities in this phase are designed to prepare selected organizations to use and work with the Measuring What Matters Toolkit for Peer and Family Run Organizations. Participation is designed to include a 2-person team representing the organization during Virtual Learning Collaborative Sessions (up to 9 hours total).

Form a Measuring What Matters Workgroup: This involves “forming” a team that includes individuals from all areas of the organization. Please keep in mind that while representation is important, smaller numbers of people are generally more effective as a workgroup.  If the group is too large, the process may become overwhelming and excessively time consuming.

  • Executive leadership and decision makers
  • Administrative staff
  • Financial/billing staff
  • Frontline providers/clinicians/peers
  • Stakeholders/consumers/family members
  • Others

Implementation, communication and evaluation (6 months): Follow along activities and coaching through the STAR Center and CCSI help support the implementation of each organization’s work plan. This includes technical assistance and coaching support. Each organization will receive one “office hour session” from CCSI (1 hour per organization).

How to Apply

We can send you the application upon request by email or you can download.  Complete the application package and send it to Tanya Ryder, STAR Center Project Manager, at