March 2016

A Guide for Grassroots Leadership, Support Organizations, and Funders

A Guide for Grassroots Leadership, Support Organizations, and Funders report cover

The number of people involved in grassroots leadership is growing, and the organizations they are involved in vary widely greatly in size and scope. These support organizations and funders offer encouragement, training and technical experience in many different ways. The Kellogg Foundation's intention with this publication is to add to the field's body of knowledge and encourage discussions and learning in the arena of grassroots leadership.

Youth Power Youtube Channel

YOUTH POWER! is a New York State network run for and by youth and young adults. They work to ensure young people have meaningful involvement on all levels of the services they receive. We ensure the availability of Peer Support through persistent advocacy, technical assistance and by offering training and education opportunities.

Paula Del Moral - STAR of the Month

The STAR Center will feature young people every month from across the country who are making a difference in their communities and demonstrating extraordinary leadership that you need to know about! Help us make sure young people in your community are recognized and valued by nominating someone today!

STAR Center in Action

Group picture of the National Advisory Caucus

We are thrilled to offer the March issue of the STAR Center e-newsletter! This month, I would like to call your attention to the members of our National Advisory Caucus. The NAC is a diverse group of nationally recognized leaders from across the country who guide the STAR Center's efforts on youth leadership and developing sustainability for peer and family run organizations.