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Did you miss our STAR Center Equity and Inclusion in Leadership Networking Call for People of Color? Click on the title below to access the link to the recording!

Core Leadership Skills for People of Color in Behavioral Health Roles: Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
2 pm ET

Co-facilitators: Celia Brown, Regional Advocacy Specialist at NYS Office of Mental Health and Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director

Mental health care disparities, defined as unfair differences in access to or quality of care according to race and ethnicity, are quite common in mental health (IOM, 2002). Social determinants of mental health and health disparities are experienced at significantly higher rates by African-Americans when compared to other racial, ethnic, and gender groups in the United States (Mullens, Baquet 2005). Disparities in mental health, however, exhibit a decidedly different pattern from disparities in health so there is often confusion about how to address these differences and improve mental health outcomes for specific racial and ethnic groups in the United States. This networking call is an opportunity to review these differences and identify key examples of how people of color in behavioral health leadership roles can work towards eliminating such disparities.

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Calling all Executive Directors!  

Core Leadership Skills: Pursuing New Financing Opportunities: Executive Directors’ Roundtable for Peer, Youth and Family Run Organizations in Behavioral Health
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
2 pm ET

Co-facilitators: Maria Bell-Servick, Executive Director, Louisiana Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Johanna Bergan, Executive Director, Youth Move National, Decorah, IA, Chacku Mathai, STAR Center Director

Guest Discussant: Sue Bergeson, Lake, MI

There are a number of different financing opportunities and strategies used in today’s behavioral healthcare environment that youth-, peer- and family-run organizations need to plan for. Changes in the way federal, state and local funds for behavioral health services and supports are managed, including through managed care, can affect organizational infrastructure, contracting systems and linkage agreements with other organizations. What does this mean for youth-, peer- and family-run organizations and how are executive directors for these organizations navigating this environment?

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STAR Center In Action- August 2017

Welcome to the August edition of the STAR Center newsletter!

The STAR Center was in the US Virgin Islands, New Mexico and Oklahoma and we had the chance to participate in some exciting initiatives and meet with even more amazing people we want you to know about.

Pictured with me on the left is Abigail Cyntje from St. Thomas in USVI. In a past issue you may have met Dina Cruz, from St. Croix. Ms. Cyntje and Ms. Cruz are both passionate advocates and leaders from USVI who are working towards mental health systems transformation in the US Virgin Islands and advisors to the STAR Center.

Pictured with me on the right are the leaders of the Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery, an exciting peer run organization in New Mexico. They are Elise Padilla (Executive Director), Maxine Henry (Co-Director) and Gabrielle Gutierrez (Employment and Economic Development Initiatives). Elise Padilla will be a featured discussant on our next Executive Director’s Roundtable on Marketing and Promoting Your Peer-Run Organization!

Chacku and the leaders of the Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery

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Youth Leadership Spotlight- Shaiheed Days

Shaiheed Days

The STAR Center features young people from across the country who are making a difference in their communities and demonstrating extraordinary leadership in behavioral health that you need to know about! Help us make sure young people in your community are recognized and valued by nominating someone today!

This month the STAR Center recognizes Shaiheed Days from Philadelphia, PA. Check out his story

Youth Leadership Reflection

 Joshua Kogut

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Space by Joshua Kogut

“In order for any discussion to be productive, you must create an open and relaxed atmosphere.”

-Anti-Oppression discussion guidelines

The idea of creating a “safe space” has increasingly come up in our social culture. Read More